Sandra Davie

'The Curly Heroine'

**fully booked – not accepting new clients at this time.**



I love hair because I love self-expression ––  hair is one of the most influential elements of our personal brand and how we express that to the world. Hair is our biggest accessory and I love being a part of individualizing that for my clients. You are not an imitation!! So neither should your hair be.


natural (Deva Curl) and creative (spirals & texture perms).

Technical Cuts*
Pixies, textured bobs, clean lines.
*incl. mens cut

Classic Cuts
Working with your features to enhance natural beauty

Multi-dimensional, highlights, lowlights, colour contouring.



I’m a chill kinda girl… music, sun, fresh air and wind in my hair. Love time with my family and my 2 dogs are a big part of that. #ChillLife


Madi Clark

'Mad Dawg Hair'

I love hair because I love stories + connecting with the humans that live them.  My job is to listen, get the vision and make it your hair reality. I want you to walk around the world feeling confident, authentic & unique, and your hair is a huge part of that!



Hair Extensions
all the kinds (weaves, microlink, tape & fusion)

Braids & Dreads
for dayyyz (dreads, box braids, feed-ins, etc.)

Deva* inspired cuts & colours
*DevaCurl certified

the healthy way (platinums, balayage, colour contouring)

Fashion Colour
Pulp Riot inspired (neons, unicorns, peek-a-boos)



I'm a music freak... Prince, Damien Marley & Gary Clarke Jr. alllllllll day. My kids are my why... and my comic relief. Doc Martens... always and forever. #MyHeartBelongsToLondon


Luisa De Abreu

Master Stylist
'Glams & Greasers'



I love hair because I love having a hand in making people feel fantastic, confident and a little edgy ;) Plus I get to hear their story while they sit in my chair – I love connection! I also have an artistic mind, it’s how I’m wired. Creating work of art hairstyles that people feel great wearing is what I live for. #Gush


Women's Precision Cuts
Classic, Feminine & edgy styles
*Sassoon trained

Men's Barbering
Blends, shaves, retro & other barbering styles

Classic & Creative Colour
All over colour, highlights, root touchups or wild style changeups! #ExpressYourself

Single Updos*
Special event styling for an unforgettable night of fun & selfies!



Food is my passion & I love to cook! I also love a good book,  it’s what you'll catch me doing in much of my spare time.  I’m also a suzy homemaker at heart, gardening and making food for my hubby, friends & fam. My doggie Ruby is my best friend! #FurryFriendsRock


Sylvana Larson

Master Stylist
'Be You'



I love meeting new people and I love doing hair... it's not just my job – it's who I am.  

I want everyone on the planet to love who they are, love their hair and to "Be You + Just Live".

The world is better that way ūüėć


Feel free to crawl my instagram and drooooool, because balayage is my superpower. @hairby_sylvana

Lived in Colour
You know, if balayage and ombre had a love child – it's lived in colour... how it grows out is magic.

I do all the things, and I got your next colour job handled.

Medium & long hair
I'm a master with long, flowing, mermaid, flower child, wavy, straight, beach babe hair... you can trust me with your locks. I know it took a long time to grow them #punintended



Some people enter the room with look at me vibes... that's not me. I don't need all eyes on me, because I have all eyes for you. My superpower is that when you're in my chair, you are the only person on planet earth. I barely see my own reflection, cuz i got you babe. 

Tia Willard

... she's a wild one



 I am young, I am fun, and yes I've lived a wild one... can you see it?

Tragedy has taught me that today is all we have... so now this is how i choose to live:

"Do it, cuz you can."

... and yes that applies to your hair to. 

If you want it, risk it. Cuz life is to short to miss it.


Hair extensions
If you wanna cheat time and just have long hair now, i'm your girl. Let's talk about the best kind of install for you asap! There's no time to waste.

Sway-veee (curly + wavy babes)
Are your curls + waves needing a little TLC or a big do-over... i got you! I slayyyy the sway... curly haircuts, wavy haircuts, rejuvenation treatment + styling how-to's so you can look just as hot at home... rock your sway starting today!

I often make¬†sarcastic jokes, and I can have bold opinions, and¬†I forget to use my "inside voice" from time to time ... soooooo, can we still be friends? I hope so. ūü§©

Megan Hurtubise

'Born this way'



I love hair because I love people.

I may be young, but I'm a wise old soul. I've been through some dark times and I know what it's like to feel controlled, trapped and not able to shine your light... now that I'm on the other side of that – I don't want to leave anyone behind!

I want you to glow up the world, go on new adventures & feel uniquely beautiful while you do it!


"This is how I woke up..."
Do you want full body, healthy, gorgeous curls?

Do you want textured, bouncy, sexy #beachbabe hair?

With strategically placed highlights, intentional cuts + disguised grow out, you'll look #BornThisWay (even if you're not! Shhhhhhh)

"I saw this on TikTok..."

Do you have a new TikTok #HairCrush?

An outrageous, show stopping hairstyle that gets attention, likes & shares!

Send me the reel of your TikTok #haircrush and let's work some magic!

"I wanna reinvent my whole look..."
Do you feel like you should have been born with a different hair colour?

Do you wanna rock an entirely new, total colour changeover & not wreck your hair while doing it?

This is your single day transformation to shock the world, I got you!


I love cheer, and I've been doing it most of my life!

But I'm not the one who flies through the air... I'm "the base". I'm the one you can count on to see you & catch you.

That's who I am as a human, and its how I do hair. I SEE you and I GOT you.



^^ say it with me now...

Our newest addition to THE KREW is sooooo 100% all-in on YOU.

Both unassuming + overqualified, Aerien is your new front desk bff. She's into all things wigs, special effects make-up and people'ing... and when she isn't lovin' on you, you can find her hangin' round the ocean.

PS.¬†She's also a red seal certified specialist taking a break from the chair for now, but shhhhhh she's kinda shy about it.¬†ūüėć

Nanyelly Barrera
Independent Stylist

With her warm personality and her classically beautiful colour & cuts, women bare their souls and look gorgeous doing it.

Bonus* If you're spanish speaking like most of Nanyelly's clients, then this soulful convo is a truly private one – even in a full salon! #NoFair

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